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State of the Union: Hell in a Handbasket

So, it’s been ages since I’ve had the time to do blog things and, in that time, the state of things in this country has gone from bad to worse to unthinkable. We’re still lucky in that Trump hasn’t been able to pull off half of what he or the Republicans wanted to, but we’re still hurting from the nonsense that whole administration has crapped into our way of life.

With the way he brushes off and puts down our allies, coupled with praise for dictators and upping nuclear stakes with a mad man, we should be terrified but somehow Trump is such a giant pair of clown shoes that it’s hard to take him seriously. If we can’t even take him seriously, and we’re in his path, how the hell is he supposed to keep us safe and at peace with the rest of the planet?

Speaking of the planet, now we’re dealing with some hefty effects of Global Climate Change in the form of batshit insane weather creating natural disasters while the POTUS swears it’s not really happening.

And that thing where his entire administration is seemingly guilty of collusion with the Russians to overturn our free and democratic elections, which I can’t fathom isn’t a form of treason at the very least.

How did we get here? There’s no way anyone voted for this guy believing he was going to be a good President. There is no way. He’s even shitty for a Republican, and that’s saying something, given the way the Rethugs trash the country every time they take the White House.

This isn’t really an article, it’s not even meant to make much sense. I just haven’t ranted in a good, long while and I felt like word-vomiting all over my blog, lol.

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