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Stephen Hawking adjust Doomsday Clock, Facebook loses it’s damn mind.

So, Stephen Hawking adjusts the doomsday clock and people’s reaction is not, ‘How do we fix this?’, it’s to attack each other. Attacks on religious beliefs (or lack thereof), attack each other’s politics, race, nationality, gender and then attack Hawking.

I have an opinion, just like everyone else. IĀ think that it would be easier and more cost effective to try and salvage the planet we’re already on rather than try and terraform another planet or break light speed to make some of the other star systems with potentially habitable planets within our reach. While I do have an opinion, I also have the ability to do something it seems most people have forgotten out to do — realize my own limitations in understanding.

I’m no scientist, engineerĀ or physicist. I have a head for politics and that’s about it and so I’m all too happy to let people smarter and better trained than myself do their job and stay in my own lane.

Hawkings assessments aren’t on the chopping block in this ranty little blog post. It’s not him I have an issue with, here, it’s Facebook. And Twitter. And the rest of the social media world that lost their damn minds and went into attack mode when the news broke.

As stated above, they didn’t JUST attack Hawking. They went for each other, first. The Christians claiming God would either fix it, or it’s part of his plan. The anti-theist atheists using the Christian reaction as an excuse for claiming belief is a mental disorder and (wait for it) touting their belief that all religion is the same. Republicans swearing up and down that it’s not happening, as usual. Democrats blaming republicans but doing bupkiss about the problem, themselves. Then, finally, some attacking Hawkings character, as if has anything to do with it.

I’m getting weary of all this.

The real reason we don’t get anything done? Lazy, stupid and angry people have big mouths. The internet has been taken over by armchair activists and self-issued PhDs. Everyone so wrapped up in conspiracy theories, so ‘us against them’.

I’ve said before that Youtube and social media have created a generation of Lee Harvey Oswald’s who lurk in comments, waiting to bust out their insane theories about lizard people and one world government. It’s a hostile place, the internet. Hard to get anything done when the only thing anyone cares about is their own opinion and, frankly, most of the time their opinion is so propagandized or indoctrinated it’s not really their opinion to begin with.

But, it is what it is. Can’t really fight it. Oh, wait… I forgot, I’m terrifying. Well, off to fight it. Is there an internet version of Valhalla? >:D

One comment on “Stephen Hawking adjust Doomsday Clock, Facebook loses it’s damn mind.”

  1. Brandy says:

    People are always so quick to panic if one person says something. I guess that’s how social media will always be…

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